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In central Milan, just steps from the Teatro alla Scala, in the spaces of Palazzo Trussardi the pursuit of excellence, discreet elegance, the attention to detail that characterize the style of the house in all its forms, find their highest expression gourmet. In Ristorante Trussardi Alla Scala, the Café and Lounge, the style philosophy based on effortless elegance of Greyhound, has its natural sublimation.
Instant intelligibility of flavors, careful selection of raw materials, often combined in surprising and I never dared, and customization are the guidelines of the varied taste journey. Each room was designed to bring to life the visitor values ​​and lifestyle Trussardi through the culinary offer quality, design environments, informal sophistication of service and international atmosphere. A full immersion in the universe of the Group, whose innate inclination for fashion, also lives in the Trussardi Boutique, adjacent to the Café. And here, including the charming terrace and the Square Bar, the gourmet excellence is the treasure chest with the ability to taste and buy products in the fruit of the collaboration with Trussardi brand featured partner of Italian food & drink scene.

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Passion, expertise and the pursuit of perfection, in the gourmet offer and in the service, are a diktat of style and a rule of hospitality for the staff of the Café Trussardi alla Scala. Conscientious of the need for prompt service dictated by the metropolitan lifestyle, the kitchen team, led by Omar Bonecchi with the supervision of Roberto Conti, Executive Chef of the Ristorante Trussardi alla Scala.

Those who choose us must be able to recognise our imprinting: in the preparation of a cocktail and in the service, every aspect must convey our style.

“The unison of the team is evident in the dishes: their equilibrium and their perfect outcome relies on their ability to work together and coordinate their roles to best effect”

Omar Bonecchi • Chef