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In central Milan, just steps from the Teatro alla Scala, in the spaces of Palazzo Trussardi the pursuit of excellence, discreet elegance, the attention to detail that characterize the style of the house in all its forms, find their highest expression gourmet. In Ristorante Trussardi Alla Scala, the Café and Lounge, the style philosophy based on effortless elegance of Greyhound, has its natural sublimation.
Instant intelligibility of flavors, careful selection of raw materials, often combined in surprising and I never dared, and customization are the guidelines of the varied taste journey. Each room was designed to bring to life the visitor values ​​and lifestyle Trussardi through the culinary offer quality, design environments, informal sophistication of service and international atmosphere. A full immersion in the universe of the Group, whose innate inclination for fashion, also lives in the Trussardi Boutique, adjacent to the Café. And here, including the charming terrace and the Square Bar, the gourmet excellence is the treasure chest with the ability to taste and buy products in the fruit of the collaboration with Trussardi brand featured partner of Italian food & drink scene.

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Roberto Conti is host to Matteo Metullio with a menu of “land and water” interpreted by two pairs of hands.

Two chefs, two talents, a single vision: to make the most of some of the best products that Italian gastronomy has to offer, making them the protagonists in a menu of “land and water”, contaminated only by the aromas of lime, the myrtle-leaved orange tree and the pronounced taste of truffle. A surprise for the palate, solicited by the carefully balanced sequence of prestigious wines that create an involving tasting experience.

Taste of Milano, here we are!

From the 4th to the 7th of May at the Mall, Taste of Milan is the gourmet Festival that gathers the best restaurants in the city.

Mistery bag: cooking lesson time

Two chefs - Roberto Conti and Pietro Rongoni - with the same ingredients, these two contrasting creative styles produce two entirely different meals in which Italian tradition meets Russian influence.

Chef Conti is host to Metullio

Roberto Conti invites Matteo Metullio and presents the menu “di Terra e di Acqua”. An offer of land and water contaminated only by the scent of lime, the aroma of the myrtle-leaved orange tree, and the pronounced flavour of truffle.

Taste of Milano 2016

Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 May, Taste of Milan 2016, the chef Roberto Conti has chosen as ingredients for his short menu some of the finest Trussardi brand products.

Charity dinner

Trussardi alla Scala Restaurant with its executive chef Roberto Conti will be one of the characters of the charity dinner “12x12” to support projects of “Action against Hunger in the World”.

Goût de France

France mon amour with the Goût de France/Good France initiative that brings together 1000 chefs from 5 continents to celebrate cuisine from beyond the Alps with a menu fashioned by the French savoir-faire.

The “limited edition” Rum by Trussardi

Limited to just 381 numbered bottles aged and bottled in Scotland: exclusivity and high quality characterize the 2006 Caribbean Rum Unique Release for Trussardi.

Rouge bois à porter

The third edition of TRUIT opens withe the presentation of Rouge Bois à porter, the cocktail-clutch based on Absolut Vodka and Elyx and taste of roses created by Tommaso Cecca.

Conti vs Cerea

A shared passion for Mediterranean cuisine, the same philosophy of taste rooted in the pursuit of excellence and a common vision to exalt the quality of the products.

Truit 2016: Russia Italia A/R

This year at Truit, Roberto Conti and Tommaso Cecca host Pietro Rongoni from "Baraonda Cantina" di Rostov and the Russian bartender Katerina Logvinova for a journey between Italy and Russia.

Truit 2016: Russia Italia A/R

This year at Truit, Roberto Conti and Tommaso Cecca host Pietro Rongoni from "Baraonda Cantina" di Rostov and the Russian bartender Katerina Logvinova for a journey between Italy and Russia.

At the Franciacorta Festival

During the Franciacorta Festival the art of wine meets gourmet creativity and the sensorial experience reaches perfection.

Madama Butterfly Menu

Trussardi alla Scala Restaurant celebrates Madama Butterfly Opera, selected to inaugurate the new season of Teatro alla Scala on the 7th of December, with a special tasting menu.

Total Black

A colour that signified elegance and style, refined, minimal, striking, Ristorante Trussardi alla Scala is dedicating the entire month of June to the “Total Black” with an exclusive tasting menu.